Jobs Hunt Guide Book as CDN

Make sure to read the terms and conditions before using it :)

  • Login to you account.

  • Upload the uploads folder from ArtVenue.

  • Visit

  • Create new application.

  • Keep your key and secret at safe place. ( Like under wanter bank locker )

  • Visit API Console

  • Select All option from 2. Perform OAuth Dance

  • Authorize the app.

  • You will get your Access Token and Access Token Secret

  • Now, login to your FTP account.

  • Open and edit .env file.

  • Change


  • To


  • Cut and paste the below code in .env file.

  • Provide your key value pairs.

  • Save and upload .env file.


We are not responsible if you void the terms and conditions

Watch the video if you stuck at any place.