Jobs Hunt Guide Book


Make sure to read the dropbox api terms and limits, before using it.

  • Visit public folder of you DropBox. Read here how to create public folder

  • Create a folder with name artvenue

  • Drag and drop the uploads folder to it.

  • Visit some file and click on share link, you will get your user id.

  • Visit

  • Click create new app.

  • Select Dropbox API app

  • Select No

  • Select All file types

  • Select some name and create new app.

  • Login to you FTP account

  • Open and edit .env file.

  • Provide the key value pairs as given below.

  • Replace ClientIdentiferHere, YourAccessToken and YourUserID with your values.

  • Save and upload .env file.

Please note that color pallet will or will not work with dropbox. It don't send image with Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header

We are not responsible if you void the copy terms and conditions

Watch the video if you stuck at any place.