Jobs Hunt Guide Book

Shared Hosting Install

Please watch the above video to know how to upload files correctly on shared hostings

  • Before install make sure you have the proper server requirements.
PHP 5.5.9 or greater
GD or Imagick
Fileinfo Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Also take care of folder and files permissions.

Before Install

.env            777
.env.example    777
/storage        777
/bootstrap      777
/database       777
public/uploads  777
public/cache    777

After Install

.env          644
.env.example  644
  • Extra the in a folder on your computer.

  • Visit public folder, select all files and create zip call it or something you like.

  • Login to your cPanel or FTP upload the file to your public_html or htdocs folder and extract it.

  • Delete the public folder from your computer ( system )

  • Select all the remaing files and create new zip call it or anything you like.

  • Visit your cPanel and root directory /home/yourUserName

  • Upload and extract the file there.

  • Create MySQL database, add user to it with full permissions.

  • Visit and run the installer.

  • You are done.

Watch the video if you stuck at any place.